Its about time…

While wandering around the backlot of the blog – ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,’ I finally found the time setting, under ‘settings!’ Every time I posted it looked like I was burning the midnight oil and staying up until the wee hours to write my entry – not me! The clock was set at UTC time, which is what, Universal Time? Anyway, I fixed it!



Why is it that I need the deadline to finish? I’ve had months and weeks to prepare, but I need to see that finish line looming ahead for me to really put it in gear!

Yesterday I edited the last two patterns that I wanted to complete before the show. Crazy problems between my old word processing program – Word, and my current one – Pages; BUT there is more than one way to solve every problem.

Today I completed my business card. Again, forging through the unknown, which is a huge galaxy for me. I will now take it down to FedEx office and hope they can print it for me. If I let all the little things wrong with each step stop me, I would never accomplish any part of this project. I just have to let it be what it is – it is and never will be perfect.

Here’s my card…


Today I got all my boutique items priced. Also made the logo heading that you see on top of my blog – big learning curve for that one! Yesterday I bagged all my artwork, made up most of my kits and worked on more patterns. I showed examples of my patterns and kits at Guild last night and got positive feedback – I think I’ll see a lot of support next week at the show.

Tomorrow I need to turn in all my boutique items: 44 luggage tags, 13 postcards, and 11 individual wall hangings. I will also finish kitting because UPS delivered the last of the fabric I ordered.

Total of twenty-two sets of luggage tags. The pattern is downloaded from StudioCherie.


I’m using this blog as a journal to keep me on track and document my progress.

Today I (1) turned in my two quilt entries to acquisitions; (2) finished making my luggage tags; (3) continued work on my pattern, “Nine-Patch Hash;’ (4) got ‘Caps for Sale’ books in the mail for my “Monkey Business’ quilt kits; and (5) continued to refine my lists of ‘Things to Do!’

More pictures coming.¬†Awesome…

Count Down!

Square Peg. Round Hole.

I’m counting down the days to the ‘Harvest of Colors Members Showcase’ for the Coastal Quilters of Santa Barbara and Goleta – a mouthful! I’m launching my quilt patterns and kits under the name Kristin O Quilts at that show. I’m very excited to be sharing a booth with Irelle Beatty, and Cathe Hedrick of Santa Barbara Quilting Also showing work in the exhibition as an individual entry, “Square Peg. Round Hole;’ in a group entry ‘No Rules!’ and in the Special Exhibition of Fibervision, Art Quilt Group with ‘Moon Over the Mountain Cabin’ and boutique items – a plateful! TWELVE DAYS!

Got more work to do….Later.