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When I was teaching at our local Adult Education program, I spent many hours making quilts, and then constructing patterns and writing instructions for my students. Several years into it, I realized  I could take these same instructions and publish them as patterns.

Please contact me at to purchase and for information about these patterns.

I love “liberated” techniques and find they are easy, fun and rewarding methods to make eye-catching quilts. The results often look more complicated than they are. The non-conformist approach to cutting frees my spirit and the process of constructing a quilt becomes more fun than almost any other quilt-related activity. We all need  more fun in our lives!

4-patch-bliss    9-Patch Hash.png    garden-maze

The Four-Patch Bliss uses two contrasting fabrics and makes a 50″ x 50″ quilt.                  The Nine-Patch Hash quilt uses nine fabrics of various values for the blocks with contrasting borders. It is approximately 50″ x 50″.                                                                                                                                    The Garden Maze uses four coordinating fabrics, a background floral and finishes at approximately 60″ x 72″.

Each pattern uses “liberated” techniques, gives full yardage and step-by-step instructions. $10

An interest in my life are the books I read to my daughter when she was little. Since I now have grandnieces and a grandnephew in the family, I started a series of quilts based on well-loved children’s books. “Caps for Sale” by Esphyr Slobokina and “Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister are two classics that every child should know, enjoy and come to love. I hope to have more coming up in the series.

Here are the two patterns for Monkey Business, inspired by “Caps for Sale” and Fish Scales, based on “Rainbow Fish.” Each book and pattern are available as a set for $20, or you may buy the pattern separately for $10.

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-43-55-pm               screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-8-43-16-pm

Please contact me at to purchase and for information about these patterns.




Show UP!

FaulknerPostcard back


It’s a thrill –

These  small pieces are 7″ x 7″ – ‘ripple’, ‘meadow’, ‘mingle’ and ‘impression.’


Seeing my work on the walls of the Faulkner Gallery West at the Santa Barbara Central Library is quite exciting! When work is shown in a gallery setting it always looks better. I’m very proud of the work I have in this show; it represents several years of work. Even though the whole is quite varied, I’m hoping that viewers can see the connections between the individual pieces and the transitions hold the show together from the abstract to the representational pieces.

Work of various sizes, ‘Circa’, ‘Found Poetry,’ ‘Scratch’, ‘Tangent’,  ‘Tokyo Train Ride’, ‘Veritable’, ‘Spot On!’, and ‘Logo’


‘Coast’ on the left, ;Mountain’ on the right.

More work. I was very worried about not having enough work for the show – it’s a big room, 30′ long! But, I actually had to remove a piece and leave it out.

These are ‘Square Peg. Round Hole.’ ‘scrap and selvedge’,  ‘New Growth’ and ‘Moon River.’



Top is ‘Noon’, ‘Sunset’ below.
‘Tattoo’ and details, ‘Hermes’ and ‘Kali.’


I started these pieces several years ago, mounted each on a white background. I’m so glad I decided to change the fabric and put them on a colored ground. Looks better!

These pieces are all 15″ x 12″ outer dimensions, ‘Jazz City’, ‘Pinnacle’, ‘Nucleus’, ‘Curve Ball’,  and ‘Six.’



Hanging Team

Hanging the exhibition – team is Mary R, Gloria, Mary I, Mike & Don.

With a lot of help from my friends –

Even though I prefer to work alone, I always feel the warmth of people who support and help me in many ways. Thanks to all the loving, helpful people who gave me encouragement and support me and the preparation for my solo exhibition.

Moving into the Future

Getting Ready

This has been a time of great movement, discovering new techniques, themes, ways of creating – and new discoveries about myself. I was juried into the solo galleries at the Santa Barbara Central Library; my show was set for April 2016.

And…here it is! Time to show up!



As they say, ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ I applied several times to the jury for a solo show, and was accepted sometime back in 2014, with my exhibition scheduled for February 2016. And…life gets in the way. Total knee replacement in October forced me to trade with another presenter. I rescheduled for April 2016. Even with what I felt was continuous work towards my goal, this has been a lot of work mounting my first solo exhibition.


Two owT

SOLD! a quilt today to a friend to present at a Chumash ceremony for a couple who are renewing their marriage vows. It’s big, one of my very first quilts and has an old vintage look to it. (No photo, tho.) It will be used to wrap around the couple as they renew their vows. Sweet picture.

Finished nearly everything up for the Quilt Show today. Made cd’s, the cd cover, signs to id the quilts, price list, inventory, recharged the camera, cleaned out the back of the car and did the grocery shopping for this weekend – I have company coming on Sunday night after the show! I love this part of my life – I’m able to think and act ahead – preparation not procrastination that was such a big part of my life in the past.

I heard a good phrase in collage class recently, it was ‘Keep it fresh!’ That’s definitely the direction I want to move. Keep it alive and fresh and energized.

Its about time…

While wandering around the backlot of the blog – ‘pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,’ I finally found the time setting, under ‘settings!’ Every time I posted it looked like I was burning the midnight oil and staying up until the wee hours to write my entry – not me! The clock was set at UTC time, which is what, Universal Time? Anyway, I fixed it!


Why is it that I need the deadline to finish? I’ve had months and weeks to prepare, but I need to see that finish line looming ahead for me to really put it in gear!

Yesterday I edited the last two patterns that I wanted to complete before the show. Crazy problems between my old word processing program – Word, and my current one – Pages; BUT there is more than one way to solve every problem.

Today I completed my business card. Again, forging through the unknown, which is a huge galaxy for me. I will now take it down to FedEx office and hope they can print it for me. If I let all the little things wrong with each step stop me, I would never accomplish any part of this project. I just have to let it be what it is – it is and never will be perfect.

Here’s my card…