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Whirlwind Weeks

Does it seem like time is moving faster than ever before? I suppose it is because my life is so very full — and rewarding! Time to get back in here and post what has been happening lately.

We had a wonderful Harvest of Colors, Quilt Show, at the Earl Warren Show Grounds, in Santa Barbara. I did quite well as a merchant, for my first time out. I had positive feedback on my quilts, patterns and kits. The most popular was my ‘Made in Santa Barbara’ cd pattern. It won a ‘Judges Choice’ ribbon in 2008 and now I have a pattern to share with others. Here’s photos to illustrate.

Kristin O Quilts booth at ‘Harvest of Colors.’

Another shot of our booth at Harvest of Colors Quilt Show. Jibberish Designs on the right wall, mine on the left and Roxanne’s table up front.

Fibervision, our art quilt group, mounted an exhibition at the Quilt Show, too. I had a gallery piece up, ‘Moon Over the Mountain Cabin’ and several smaller pieces and items in the attached boutique. We had great response from viewers and I understand the boutique sales also went well.

Here’s some of the handcrafted boutique items on display at our Fibervision exhibit at the Quilt Show. I have five items in this photo, the colorful pieces on the easels.

Fibervision boutique close-up.

I also won a First Place ribbon for my show entry, ‘Square Peg. Round Hole!’ I had entered it in the ‘Innovative’ category, but apparently, there were not enough quilts in that group, so it was moved to the ‘Small Traditional’ category, since it was based on a log cabin construction.

HereI am with my winning quilt. I posted another copy of this quilt in my first blog entry, ‘Countdown!’

Thank you to all the volunteers who made the Coastal Quilters Harvest of Colors Show a success. Also, thanks to all the other participants and exhibitors for the high quality of work shown. It’s a great group to be seen among.

Immediately after the show, my husband and I left for a week to Portland to visit our daughter and other family. We had the best weather and the best vacation. On our return within the next three days –¬†I hosted my satellite group, hosted a house concert/potluck for The Syncopaths; a bluegrass band; and on Saturday night, heard Jake Shimabukuro at the LIbbey Bowl in Ojai – thus the whirlwind!

I’m working on new ideas in my current Collage Class at Adult Ed – pictures soon!



Everything is up and looks great! It’s a huge effort to put on this quilt show – many small and big jobs taken by many dedicated people. Good work in the quilts, the display, the organization, the administration. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and post them of how things look.

My booth partner, Irellle Beattie of Jibberish Designs, has fresh innovative patterns and her stuff looks great. It was a pleasure to work with her today. She’s had some show experience and an idea of what our booth should look like, plus the hooks, hangers, clips, zip ties etc that we needed.

Huh? So it turns out I’ve been posting ‘pages’ thinking they were ‘posts.’ Now everything is out of order! It should be Countdown, Eleven, Nine, Six, It’s About Time, Three, Two and One. How do I get them back in order? Maybe not.


Turns out I’ve been too busy to post! It’s those cyber-snags! I’m not knowledgable enough about scanning, editing, printing, publishing in this new (it’s actually been around for awhile, but I still feel new to it) digital world.

I started a new Adult Ed class with Tony Askew in collage. Went to class today with a piece I spent several hours on and wasn’t happy with, but once I saw it in front of the class with the other offerings, I reconsidered and felt it turned out ok. I’m learning about the materials – magazine paper sucks! I need more paper. Uh-oh! Is this like ‘I need more fabric?’ I’m in trouble.

I printed and packaged all my product last night. I scanned my last pattern today and hope to get it on a disk and packaged before Saturday opening. Here’s a few pics of items that will be available at the Quilt Show.

I hope I see you there!

Autumn River

Garden Maze quilt pattern

Eccentric Electric


Today I got all my boutique items priced. Also made the logo heading that you see on top of my blog – big learning curve for that one! Yesterday I bagged all my artwork, made up most of my kits and worked on more patterns. I showed examples of my patterns and kits at Guild last night and got positive feedback – I think I’ll see a lot of support next week at the show.

Tomorrow I need to turn in all my boutique items: 44 luggage tags, 13 postcards, and 11 individual wall hangings. I will also finish kitting because UPS delivered the last of the fabric I ordered.

Total of twenty-two sets of luggage tags. The pattern is downloaded from StudioCherie.


I’m using this blog as a journal to keep me on track and document my progress.

Today I (1) turned in my two quilt entries to acquisitions; (2) finished making my luggage tags; (3) continued work on my pattern, “Nine-Patch Hash;’ (4) got ‘Caps for Sale’ books in the mail for my “Monkey Business’ quilt kits; and (5) continued to refine my lists of ‘Things to Do!’

More pictures coming.¬†Awesome…

Count Down!

Square Peg. Round Hole.

I’m counting down the days to the ‘Harvest of Colors Members Showcase’ for the Coastal Quilters of Santa Barbara and Goleta – a mouthful! I’m launching my quilt patterns and kits under the name Kristin O Quilts at that show. I’m very excited to be sharing a booth with Irelle Beatty, and Cathe Hedrick of Santa Barbara Quilting Also showing work in the exhibition as an individual entry, “Square Peg. Round Hole;’ in a group entry ‘No Rules!’ and in the Special Exhibition of Fibervision, Art Quilt Group with ‘Moon Over the Mountain Cabin’ and boutique items – a plateful! TWELVE DAYS!

Got more work to do….Later.