Show UP!

FaulknerPostcard back


It’s a thrill –

These  small pieces are 7″ x 7″ – ‘ripple’, ‘meadow’, ‘mingle’ and ‘impression.’


Seeing my work on the walls of the Faulkner Gallery West at the Santa Barbara Central Library is quite exciting! When work is shown in a gallery setting it always looks better. I’m very proud of the work I have in this show; it represents several years of work. Even though the whole is quite varied, I’m hoping that viewers can see the connections between the individual pieces and the transitions hold the show together from the abstract to the representational pieces.

Work of various sizes, ‘Circa’, ‘Found Poetry,’ ‘Scratch’, ‘Tangent’,  ‘Tokyo Train Ride’, ‘Veritable’, ‘Spot On!’, and ‘Logo’


‘Coast’ on the left, ;Mountain’ on the right.

More work. I was very worried about not having enough work for the show – it’s a big room, 30′ long! But, I actually had to remove a piece and leave it out.

These are ‘Square Peg. Round Hole.’ ‘scrap and selvedge’,  ‘New Growth’ and ‘Moon River.’



Top is ‘Noon’, ‘Sunset’ below.
‘Tattoo’ and details, ‘Hermes’ and ‘Kali.’


I started these pieces several years ago, mounted each on a white background. I’m so glad I decided to change the fabric and put them on a colored ground. Looks better!

These pieces are all 15″ x 12″ outer dimensions, ‘Jazz City’, ‘Pinnacle’, ‘Nucleus’, ‘Curve Ball’,  and ‘Six.’



Hanging Team

Hanging the exhibition – team is Mary R, Gloria, Mary I, Mike & Don.

With a lot of help from my friends –

Even though I prefer to work alone, I always feel the warmth of people who support and help me in many ways. Thanks to all the loving, helpful people who gave me encouragement and support me and the preparation for my solo exhibition.


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