Two owT

SOLD! a quilt today to a friend to present at a Chumash ceremony for a couple who are renewing their marriage vows. It’s big, one of my very first quilts and has an old vintage look to it. (No photo, tho.) It will be used to wrap around the couple as they renew their vows. Sweet picture.

Finished nearly everything up for the Quilt Show today. Made cd’s, the cd cover, signs to id the quilts, price list, inventory, recharged the camera, cleaned out the back of the car and did the grocery shopping for this weekend – I have company coming on Sunday night after the show! I love this part of my life – I’m able to think and act ahead – preparation not procrastination that was such a big part of my life in the past.

I heard a good phrase in collage class recently, it was ‘Keep it fresh!’ That’s definitely the direction I want to move. Keep it alive and fresh and energized.


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