Turns out I’ve been too busy to post! It’s those cyber-snags! I’m not knowledgable enough about scanning, editing, printing, publishing in this new (it’s actually been around for awhile, but I still feel new to it) digital world.

I started a new Adult Ed class with Tony Askew in collage. Went to class today with a piece I spent several hours on and wasn’t happy with, but once I saw it in front of the class with the other offerings, I reconsidered and felt it turned out ok. I’m learning about the materials – magazine paper sucks! I need more paper. Uh-oh! Is this like ‘I need more fabric?’ I’m in trouble.

I printed and packaged all my product last night. I scanned my last pattern today and hope to get it on a disk and packaged before Saturday opening. Here’s a few pics of items that will be available at the Quilt Show.

I hope I see you there!

Autumn River

Garden Maze quilt pattern

Eccentric Electric


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